In 2008, we become the first company in Europe to offer High Volume-Low Speed fans (known as HVLS fans) as the most efficient Eco-Thermal ventilation solution for any residential, commercial, and industrial space, which are able to maintain air circulation within various type of areas.

We are here to offer long-term comfort for all individuals by our Eco-Thermal Ventilation Solution. Through science & technology would help to tackle all global challenges with full responsibility. “Sustainability has therefore been vital to us”.

As a one-stop solution that aligned with our vision, “building efficiency”, we really care about environment & sustainability. It is proven by our products that using less energy, can manage the effective temperature, control humidity level & air quality, yet still create such a powerful performance. It’s all perfect for both parties: businesses and mother-nature.

We Offer Solutions

  • Provided with HVAC systems that maintain a constant temperature in any space with less energy-used, even lower cost.
  • Specially designed to control humidity level & air quality to create a fresher, healthier, and comfortable environment.
  • Its technology to keep any space & facility well-ventilated.


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