Immediately refer Fans from MAGNOVENT INDONESIA to your friends, colleagues and relatives! Get cashback rewards up to IDR 50 MILLION!

Refer now!

Provide us with the contact information of as many of your friends/relatives as possible, and our Sales team will contact them immediately. If your relatives buy our products, you will get a cashback reward.

Referral Program Terms:

  • The #MagnoReferral Program period is valid from 15 March – 31 Aug 2023.
  • Make sure your referred friends/relatives meet the terms of this Referral program.
  • Make sure the friend/relative you refer is not an existing customer of Magnovent Indonesia.
  • Make sure the contact phone number you provide is valid (as a referral you do know the referrer) and not a scam or unclear number.
  • Our team will mention your name as a referral providing the referrer’s contact.
  • Your referred friend or relative must purchase any fan product from Magnovent Indonesia with a minimum purchase value of 15 million before tax.
  • Purchase value is the total purchase of all fan products after deducting discounted prices and before taxes.
  • The purchase value cannot be combined with installation costs and the purchase of fan accessories.
  • Purchase value above >1 Billion, Referral will still receive a maximum cashback value of 50 million (before tax), cannot be accumulated.
  • Cashback rewards in the form of cash will be directly transferred to your account as a referral after the total purchase value is paid off by the referrer.
  • Cashback winning referrals will be subject to the value of Gift Tax in accordance with applicable regulations in Indonesia.

Other provisions:

  • Free shipping throughout Indonesia for product purchases through the Website (special payments using debit cards)
  • To check your cashback status, please refer to our website
  • This referral program is not valid for Magnovent Indonesia employees
  • Magnovent Indonesia reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this program with prior notice through Social Media and Website.


Purchase of Fan products from Magnovent Indonesia specifically types: HVLS, residential, portable, exhaust, and directional.

Nilai PembelianCashback
15-29 juta2,5 juta
30-59 juta5 juta
60-89 juta7,5 juta
90-119 juta10 juta
120-149 juta12,5 juta
150-199 juta15 juta
200-299 juta20 juta
300-499 juta30 juta
500-1 miliar50 juta

*Program period: March 15 – August 31, 2023