The Definitive Solution To Reduce CO2 Emissions.

To Reduce The Emission Of CO2 it is Necessary To Reduce Energy Consumption

At Magnovent we care about taking a step further, and since 2008 we have set out to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Helping companies to reduce C02 emissions while significantly reducing their energy costs and improving the comfort, productivity, and quality of life of their workers.

CO2 emissions into the atmosphere reached record levels in 2019 and this is a signal from the planet for everyone to start doing their part.

In order to cope with the currently worrying environmental problem, and n MAGNOVENT offer the air conditioning equipment that consumes less of the market: fans industrial or residential with the latest technology in the market and with minimal consumption radiant heating efficient and innovative liquid ceramic insulating paint with all its incredible properties.

The best action to reduce C02 emissions is to supplement or replace air conditioning units with ceiling fans. At Magnovent we have the least consuming fans on the market, capable of moving a lot of air at low revolutions.

In the case of large spaces, from Magnovent we always advise combining conventional HVAC systems with our fans with HVLS technology, as they respond to sustainability and energy efficiency criteria. By applying our ventilation solutions, it is possible to reduce the temperature both in summer (up to 25%) and in winter (up to 45%), as it significantly reduces the use of air conditioning devices.

During the winter months we will also have to look for less ecological alternatives, but thanks to Magnovent you will be able to discover which is the most ecological heating system. Natural gas has the particularity that hardly emits toxic gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.

These heating systems release more water vapor and less carbon dioxide. In short, it is the most ecological fossil fuel and the most suitable for companies to reduce emissions to the planet. (204 grams of CO2/kWh). Magnovent markets heating with greater thermal efficiency and energy use (95% of the energy that enters is converted into heat).

For example, in Spain consumption would be 0.27 C02/kWh, add that in each country the percentage is different.

The insulating paint thermal Liquid ceramic has a lot of hidden economic benefits, such as the need for air conditioning by 75% and the need for sprinklers on the roof in summer is reduced. Its benefits can also be observed in winter, Magnovent’s thermal insulation retains 60% of the heat, therefore, heating is used much less in the colder months.

In Japan, our ceramic paint is the insulation that is being used in a massive way to comply with the Kyoto protocol standards on reducing CO2 emissions and energy saving, based on studies carried out by the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA) and the Metropolitan University from Tokyo. In Spain it is already being used in more than a thousand applications, both in the insulation of homes and in large industrial buildings.