Our Indonesia Projects

Since we started to open our first warehouse in Indonesia 2020, we started to build our presence and trust with our Indonesian customers. We are looking forward in expanding to cover more region in Indonesia with our Indonesian Magnovent Team.

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

Australian Consulate General, Bali

Finns Recreation Club, Bali

KFC, Jakarta

Nirvana Strength, Bali

Our International Projects

Since 2008, Magnovent has developed projects in over 25 countries. Its track record includes over 1300 installations, many of them to renowned customers such AENA, for which we have installed equipment in over 19 Spanish airports. Our project below are showing our customers that have placed their trust in us. From different and with different product ranges, in spheres of activity as diverse as industry, logistic, catering, transport, etc.

AENA, Valencia Airport

Consum, Spain

Thielmann Portinox, Grenada

DHL, Spain

Amazon, UK

Decathlon, Spain

Ford Motor, Mallorca

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