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PORTABLE ON ALL SURFACE Designed as axial portable industrial fan with rubber wheels, Anemoi AIRWAGON can move easily by pulling its handle. It is even can operate in outdoors during raining season. The DC motor is incorporated, makes it quieter and more efficient. This fan is also protected for industrial environments with IP55.

AirWagon 850.6 m500 W130 m2
AirWagon 1151.15 m750 W220 m2
AirWagon 1451.45 m950 W360 m2

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hvls mobile fans, Portable industrial fan of axial type with wheels. Our AirWagon has been designed to move easily by pulling on its handle and to operate outdoors with rain. Its rubber wheels allow you to move on any terrain. The DC motor incorporated makes it quieter and more efficient. It integrates an electronic control board and an intuitive keyboard to adjust the speed of rotation. hvls mobile fans ideal for industrial buildings, gyms, open spaces, tents, farms, etc

The Anemoi AirWagon industrial fan model features two large, resistant rubber wheels that make it the best choice to achieve stability in irregular floorings. IP55, suitable for outside use.

You can controll a single AirPivot through an electronic display and an intuitive keyboard integrated in a discrete wall control box. Or you can also controll the AirPivot Fan with the Magnocontrol, it allows manage up to 25 units, fans can be grouped for zone operation and this control incorporates temperature sensors, schedule function, and automated seasonal modes.

If you need controll more than 25 AirPivot Fans, we can do a BMS personalized to controll unlimited fans. You can incorporate in a Magnocontrol as many fans of the Anemoi range as you want

  • Industrial indoor & outdoor fan
  • Easy to use & easy to carry
  • 5 blades, up to 1.45m fan diameter
  • Easy portability
  • High efficiency for airing


Model Diameter Power Max. Speed Air Flow Coverage Weight
Airwagon 85 33.5 in (0.85 m) 0.5 kW 700 rpm 13 490 cfm (22,920 m3/h) 1 399 ft² (130 m²) 52 kg
Airwagon 115 45 in (1.15 m) 0.7 kW 450 rpm 22 778 cfm (38,700 m3/h) 2 368 ft² (220 m²) 64 kg
Airwagon 145 57 in (1.45 m) 0.75 kW 360 rpm 35 315 cfm (60,000 m3/h) 3 444 ft² (320 m²) 91 kg


hvls mobile fans

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 160 × 45 × 166 cm

AirWagon 85, AirWagon 115, AirWagon 145


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