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Anemoi AIRBEAM is very ideal for any space, especially for corridors or narrow areas. It is a perfect solution as well for a space that could not install a fan on the ceiling. AIRBEAM is operated from an integrated electronic control board and intuitive keyboard, in the form of wall-mounted box.

AirBeam1,17 m1000 W475 rpm47 706 m3/h50kg

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The HVLS (high volume low speed) ceiling fans on offer from Refresh Fans have many advantages, but they are not the only option! A directional fans can also be of great use, as this type of two-way fan can be mounted on the ceiling, placed on the floor, or hung from their heavy-duty straps and angled in any direction.

Directional fans can serve two purposes. Because the direction of rotation of the fan blades dictates whether air is pulled up or pushed down, customers can control the air flow in their buildings according to their needs. If cooling is needed, directional fans rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down, and the air flow creates a slight wind chill effect.

In the winter, the opposite is true. Particularly when the directional fan is mounted above you, a quick ceiling fan adjustment will reverse the high velocity airflow so that it rotates clockwise, and help move the naturally rising warm air around the room, reducing your overall heating costs.

For high velocity directional fans that provide a cooling effect in summer and relief from the cold during the winter, trust Refresh Fans to get you the products you need to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, keeping your workers, clients or customers comfortable and happy.

Industrial fans and blowers are machines whose primary function is to provide and accommodate a large flow of air or gas to various parts of a building or other structures. This is achieved by rotating a number of blades, connected to a hub and shaft, and driven by a motor or turbine. The flow rates of these mechanical fans range from approximately 200 cubic feet (5.7 m3) to 2,000,000 cubic feet (57,000 m3) per minute. A blower is another name for a fan that operates where the resistance to the flow is primarily on the downstream side of the fan.

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