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STYLISH DESIGN WITH LED COMBINATION Introducing Anemoi AIRLUX, a hanging fan that is available in two sizes: 1.5 & 2.5 m (5 & 8 ft), combined with a powerful 12W LED light. This fan is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, using a low energy. AIRLUX is available in four colors: Aluminum, Dark wood, Black and White, and two options: with LED, or without LED.

ModelDiameterMax. ConsumptionCoverage
AirLux 1501.52 m0.038 kW/h30 m2
AirLux 2502.44 m0.1 kW/h50 m2

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BEST HVLS FANS, Wood Ceiling with Light

Wood ceiling fan with light AirLux best HVLS fans , designed for commercial and home applications with an attractive industrial design. It incorporates 12W LED Light Kit. High-quality and luxury for your any kind of space.

This Ceiling fan with light refreshes in summer, circulates the air in the room and prevents heat from accumulating in certain areas. Rotate both ways: counterclockwise rotation for cooling in summer and clockwise rotation for lowering hot air in winter. It incorporates a remote control to operate at different speeds, time adjusted and reverse direction.

General Characteristics:

  • Aerodynamic aluminium blades in wood colour
  • Extremly silent operation
  • Stainless extension pipe 19 in (50 cm)
  • Ceiling connection fitting and protector
  • Supply Voltage 100 – 250 VAC, I, 50/60 Hz
  • Motor Power 100 W
  • Speed 100 rpm
  • Sound Level 35 – 45 dBA
  • Protection degree IP44 to be installed also in outdoor places

A high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans is a type of mechanical fan greater than 7 feet (2.1 m) in diameter. are generally ceiling fans although some are pole mounted. move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed– hence the name “high volume, low speed. “Typical applications for fall into two classifications—industrial and commercial. In industrial applications, HVACR is often cost prohibitive or impractical, and is usually only used for refrigerated warehouses or the manufacture of refrigerated or frozen foods. Fans installed in spaces like warehouses, barns, hangars and distribution centers can prevent heat stress, increase worker comfort and the productivity of both workers and livestock. are also used in commercial spaces, where air conditioning is more common, but increased air movement from ceiling fans can cost-effectively augment occupant comfort or prevent stratification. Typical commercial applications include shopping malls, churches, office buildings, airport terminal buildings

How HVLS fans work

HVLS fans work on the principle that cool moving air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer surrounding the body and accelerates evaporation to produce a cooling effect. Ceiling fans produce a column of air as they turn. This column of air moves down and out along the floor. Called a horizontal floor jet, this deep wall of horizontal moving air is relative to the diameter of a fan, and to a lesser degree, the speed of a fan. Once the floor jet reaches its potential, it migrates outward until it meets a side wall or other vertical surface.

best hvls fans

Weight 13,7 kg
Dimensions 2440 × 2440 × 60 cm

AirLux 150, AirLux 150 – No LED, AirLux 250, AirLux 250 – No LED


Aluminium, Dark Wood, Black, White


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