REACH THE LOWEST PART OF YOUR AREA Anemoi AIRGATE operates at high revs, producing a stream of air that capable to reach the very bottom of an area, and moving all the air within. This is very suitable for an industrial environment, such as warehouse, or factory, everyone can still work at more comfortable temperature and avoid unpleasant odors, or harmful gases that may be generated around your work area.

ModelDimensionPower ConsumptionAirflow
AirGate CD 5000510 x 420 x 480 mm384 | 452 | 550 W2.640 m3/h
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mobile fan, This type of air renewal fan is designed to be installed in loading doors and to ventilate trucks or containers during unloading. With our Airgate you can fully ventilate the truck or container in less than 2 minutes, to make the download more comfortable. Thanks to this fan, it will work at a more comfortable temperature and avoid unpleasant odors or harmful gases.

Portable industrial fan


AirGate CD 5000

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