By accelerating the drying of products, production can be increased and the spaces in industrial or agricultural warehouses dedicated to this drying process can be much more profitable.

Drying Process Improvement Solutions to Increase Productivity


The objective of all production companies is none other than to increase their productivity in order to be more profitable. Magnovent offers its customers several solutions that allow improving processes such as drying paints, liquids, food, or seeds and also improving the conditions of animals on farms to increase their production.

It has also been shown that improving the conditions of the animals in production farms, be they poultry or beef, increases their production. In fact, HVLS fans were initially invented for a beef farm.

Magnovent even allows you to control the humidity for drying wood with foggers.

The desiccation or drying process of food and seeds can be carried out more quickly thanks to the HVLS fans homogenizing the temperature in the drying chambers and reducing their humidity. We have carried out installations in tigernut warehouses and ham drying rooms with excellent results.

Drying Process For Paints or Liquids

Magnovent has convection drying process systems, combined convection radiation dryers, infrared radiant dryers, or portable heaters for industries such as Paper, Textile, Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Ceramics.

By using all of the gas as fuel, we were able to greatly reduce the costs of the system.

Drying Process For Paints or Liquids

Among the most striking drying installations we have carried out is the development of train car de-icing systems with gas infrared radiators.

In industries with high heat emission processes such as ceramics, thanks to the joint solution of HVLS fans and vents , large amounts of production heat are forced out, alleviating the thermal load of the facilities.