Exactly on January 7, 2021, President Joko Widodo inaugurated the opening of the Istiqlal Mosque which has now been opened, after 14 months of extensive renovations, involving more than 1,000 workers. The biggest restoration since 42 years ago ensures complete facilities and comfort for every visitor. magnovent hvls fans Anemoi AirPivot is one of the products used to maintain the temperature inside the mosque so that it is always cool.

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Another improvisation of this popular mosque is the Silaturahmi Tunnel, which was built between the Istiqlal Mosque and the Cathedral Church, to bridge the relationship between religious communities.

Magnovent Indonesia is very proud to be a part of this project that is the pride of the Indonesian people.

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The Istiqlal Mosque (literal meaning: Merdeka Mosque) is the national mosque of the Republic of Indonesia located in the former Wilhelmina Park, northeast of Medan Merdeka Square in the center of which stands the National Monument (Monas), in the center of the capital city of Jakarta. This mosque is one of the 10 largest mosques in the world with a capacity that can accommodate more than 200,000 worshipers. Across the east of this mosque stands the Jakarta Cathedral Church. The Daily Chairperson of the Istiqlal Mosque Management Agency (BPMI) as well as the Grand Imam of the Istiqlal Mosque is Prof. Dr. Nasaruddin Umar, M.A.