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Anemoi AIRMAX is an industrial fan for areas higher than 7.5 m. Comes with five aluminum blades and motor cover in industrial design, built-in drive and completely silent. With high IP and robust design, this AIRMAX particularly suited for any conditions. AIRMAX is available in five different sizes to adjust to any space.

AirMax 400L4 m1500 W228 721m3/h1,068 m291kg
AirMax 730L7,3 m110 W549 500m3/h2,564 m2130kg

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hvls fan manufacturer

hvls fan manufacturer There are industrial fans available on the market and then there is AIRMAX  hvls fan manufacturer Ceiling Fan, the most powerful industrial fan on the market with an IP65 & 1000W of motor power. This is the most efficient ceiling fan, specially designed for industrial spaces, it offers wide air movement, lower operating cost and greater energy savings throughout the year thanks to its reverse function.The AirMax HVLS Fans Manufacturers is made up of 5 aluminum blades, a motor and its black trim. Safety is a priority for Anemoi, hence. In addition to our patented interlocking blade safety system, we have improved our safety wire connection mechanism to ensure that each fa n is even more secure.

  • Supply voltage 200 – 480 VAC, III, 50/60 Hz
  • Sound level 49-56 dBA

How HVLS fans work

hvls fan manufacturer work on the principle that cool moving air breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer surrounding the body and accelerates evaporation to produce a cooling effect. Ceiling fans produce a column of air as they turn. This column of air moves down and out along the floor. Called a horizontal floor jet, this deep wall of horizontal moving air is relative to the diameter of a fan, and to a lesser degree, the speed of a fan. Once the floor jet reaches its potential, it migrates outward until it meets a side wall or other vertical surface. Under ideal conditions, an 8 feet (2.4 m) diameter fan produces a floor jet of air approximately 36 inches (910 mm) deep. A 24 feet (7.3 m) diameter fan produces a floor jet 108 inches (2,700 mm) deep, tall enough to engulf a human standing on the floor or a cow, its initial development purpose. Commercial HVLS fans differ from residential ceiling fans with regard to diameter, rotational speed, and performance. While some fans use contemporary blades to move air, other methods are being used to make it more efficient such as using airfoils.

Large fans versus small fans

Larger diameter fans can move more air than smaller fans at the same speed. A turbulent, high velocity air jet dissipates very quickly. A large column of air, however, “travels” farther than a small one due to the friction between moving air and stationary air, which occurs at the periphery of the moving column. The perimeter of an air column varies directly with column diameter. While the cross-sectional area varies with the square of the diameter, the large column has proportionately fewer peripheries, and therefore less drag. The air column from a 3 feet (0.91 m) diameter fan, therefore, has more than six times as much friction interface per volume of air moved as does the air column from a 20 feet (6.1 m) diameter fan.

When the down column of air from an hvls fan manufacturer reaches the floor, the air turns in the horizontal direction away from the column in all directions. The air flowing outward is called the “horizontal floor jet.” Since the height of the floor jet is determined by the diameter of the column of air, a larger diameter fan naturally produces a larger air column and thus a higher floor jet.

Smaller high-speed fans of equivalent displacement are incapable of producing the same effect.

The power to drive a fan increases roughly with the cube of the average air speed through the fan. A commercial fan delivering air at 20 miles per hour (mph) requires about 64 times as much power as a similar sized fan delivering air at five mph.

Airspeed, combined with fan “effectiveness,” means that when the objective is to cool people or animals, very large, low-speed commercial fans are more efficient and effective than small high-speed fans.

hvls fan manufacturer


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Berat 130 kg
Dimensi 730 × 730 × 380 cm

AirMax 300M, AirMax 400L, AirMax 730L


Alumunium, Black Powder Coating (Rp800.000 extra charge), White Powder Coating (Rp800.000 extra charge)


3M, 4M, 7,3M


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