Hvls fans magnovent has now opened its first branch in Indonesia, Bali, under the auspices of PMA Indo Magnovent Ventilation. The company, which was founded in 2008, has its roots in Spain, then spread its wings throughout Europe and America.

The presence of Magnovent in Indonesia is a distinct advantage for those who previously had to buy HVLS fans by importing from abroad. Magnovent provides a wide selection of fans in its showroom and warehouse, which is located on Sunset Road, Bali.

The HVLS fans it self is a product that is much sought after to improve air circulation and to even out the temperature in a room, because of its performance that can move large amounts of air, with minimum speed. HVLS fan products from Magnovent in particular, excel because of their simple and minimalist design, as well as their ability to save energy. The HVLS fan is capable of moving 10,000 cubic meters of air per hour, consuming only 3W of electricity.

hvls fans magnovent

Energy-efficient HVLS fans from Magnovent have 4 main categories:

  • Residential: for homes, offices, restaurants, and other areas that are not too big
  • Mobile: for those who need a fan that is easy to move
  • Directional: to target certain areas or those whose ceilings are too high
  • Industrial: for large areas, with placements that tend to be more difficult